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How To Keep Your Hardwood Cleaning Under Control In Between Professional Cleaning?

May 20, 2019

How to keep your hardwood cleaning under control in between professional cleaning? Follow these methods to have better-looking hardwoods year-round!

Here is an easy-to-follow cleaning routine for your hardwoods.  

Daily Maintenance

Dust every day with a microfiber mop. Microfiber cloths trap dirt, particles, pet hair and other household allergens with static electricity. Microfiber mop pads are more effective than sweeping with a broom as the bristles from a broom can cause damage to hardwoods.

When dusting with a microfiber mop, lift it off the floor as little as possible so that the dirt stays securely trapped on the pad.

Daily dusting is your best line of defense against scratches and surface damage.


Weekly Work

Vacuum weekly with a soft-bristled floor-brush attachment to will cut down on dust buildup; Dust the floor with the microfiber mop before you begin. If you leave debris on the floor when you vacuum, this can scratch the floor’s surface. After using the microfiber pad, carefully clean the hardwood floor using a floor-brush attachment.

Use caution when vacuuming hardwood floors. Keep an eye on the vacuum’s wheels, which can damage the surface if you aren’t careful.

Never use a vacuum with a beater bar attachment, since this can scratch the finish on the hardwood floor.


Monthly Cleanup

Damp-mop once per month with a hardwood floor cleaner; Use a damp flat mop with a microfiber head. Do not dampen it with water. Instead, mist the mop head lightly with a cleaner made specifically for hardwood. Use the minimum amount of product required to get the floor clean.

If your floor has protective sealant on the surface, check the manufacturer’s recommendations before using a cleaning product.

Never wet-mop a hardwood floor as it can dull the finish and damage the wood.

No need to spend hours laboring over hardwood cleaning, follow the simple pattern listed above and schedule professional hardwood cleanings regularly.  

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